what is 3D printing is?

-3D printing is taking 2D printing to another level by adding another dimension.

-3D printing prints things in a 3D way.

How is 3D printing an information technology?

-With 3D printing, we are given the opportunity to create everything around us and provide information on the things created.

What is the difference of 3D printing in schools vs. the real-world?

-School= very structured, you go to school, have a planned schedule of schools set out for you, and you sit in class and learn.

-Real-world= you have more freedom, your job is structured, but not as structured as school, and your life is not at all structured.

-The information found in schools with 3D printers will be a lot different than in the real-world.

What are advantages of 3D printing in schools?

-Lesson plans= done through the 3D printer to help prepare teachers a lot quicker than before.

-Speed up projects= allows more time for students to really learn and not become distracted by a project due the next day.

-It can build demonstrations for the teacher= It makes it easier for the teacher as well as the students. A lot of times teachers don't have time to build a demonstration, which can hurt the visual learners, because they wouldn't understand it as well.

What are advantages of 3D printing in the real-world?

-Can create organs in the medical field for people who need it= this could save a life, someone who is on the list waiting for a kidney can get the kidney right away vs. if the doctors don't have a 3D printer, they could die if they don't get a kidney on time.

-Can create opportunities to have more accuracy as to who goes to jail= They will be less unfair trials, the innocent will stay out of jail and the guilty will go to jail.

How does 3D printing in technology relate to the socio-ethical view?

-First, what does socio-ethical mean? It is a set of rules based on what society wants.

-Socio-ethical view on 3D printing= about the society, about what the people want, they will get excited if 3D printing becomes a thing, but if it doesn't, it will cause problems. So, the socio-ethical view on 3D printing could be a good thing or a bad thing.

What are the security aspects on 3D printing?

-Weapons= you can create weapons, such as knifes. Can help criminals that are still on the streets create weapons. This means there would be easier access to crime.

-Drugs= It is the same as weapons, you can create drugs. There would be more over-doses, more access to drugs, and more people addicted to drugs.

-Intellectual Property= This is a little more complicated. Companies can die, because it would cause more unemployment. They no longer need people working in factories to create products or working as scientists to create experiments and so on.